“Open University Skolkovo is a very important educational program. Skolkovo Foundation aims to attract new projects on an ongoing basis. This is where OpUS comes in as a great tool of attracting talented young people, experts in technology and business, and leaders in promising scientific studies.”

Aleksandr Fertman

Director of Science at Nuclear Technology Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation


"Frankly speaking OpUS is offering students and young scientists a unique educational program in the sphere of technological entrepreneurship. The overall program is based on real-life business experiences."

Gaidar Magdanurov

Investment Director, Runa Capital



"OpUS participants are the most interesting students I have met disregarding the cultural and age differences." 

Sergey Pereslegin

Chief Theorist and Concept Developer, The Future Designing Group



"Most of Open University Skolkovo students show very high level of performance. OpUS participants are university students, as well as young scientists and entrepreneurs with science and technology skills and displaying entrepreneurial talent open to the future and ready to make risks."  

Dmitry Peskov

Director of the “Young Professionals” direction, Agency for Strategic Initiatives



"I played only a slight role in putting together the educational programs of Open University Skolkovo but it was a great pleasure to watch them come to life. I am also lucky to have met OpUS graduates who entered Skoltech in the past few years." 

Ilia Dubinsky

Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Skoltech



"If you wake me up in the middle of the night asking what was the most memorable moment in your two-year work at Skolkovo I have the answer ready. I remember giving a lecture on technological entrepreneurship to OpUS students on November, 7th 2011. After a busy day at 11pm at night students kept shooting questions at me asking to share my business experiences. That was very rewarding."

Alexey Palladin

Microsoft's Senior Director working with the Skolkovo Foundation



"Participation in Open University Skolkovo Summer School program made me rethink my professional and individual objectives in life. Every day brought a lot of new insights making it hard to fall asleep at night with ideas constantly popping up in my head."

Andrey Ponomaryov 

Graduate student, National University of Science and Technology MISIS 



"OpUS summer school program totally changed my perception of the Skolkovo project. That was great, what I expected. At school I was always attracted to fundamental science subjects keeping in mind the commercialization aspect of the matter. Getting involved with Skolkovo I realized that this is the place to implement ideas. I wanted to work in a team and I got the opportunity. I wanted to meet energetic creative people sharing the same ideas and I found them in Skolkovo!"

Oleg Samotokhin

Student at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Physics Faculty