What is this?

Laboratory for generating tech startup ideas

SkLab is a free intensive program aimed at generating ideas for technology startups in accordance with scientific and technological foresights of the Skolkovo project and Russian National Technology Initiative (NTI)
Open University Skolkovo
Program calendar 2022
13 – 15 April
Full-time education

27 – 29 April
Full-time education
17 – 20 May
Full-time education
5 – 7 May
Full-time education
28 – 30 September
Full-time education
4 – 6 October
Full-time education
Who is this program for
For students planning to defend a term paper or a thesis in the format of an entrepreneurial project (startup)
For graduate students, young scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs who want to create their own technology startups
What does the participant get?
  • Ideas
    The ability to formulate a promising idea for a term paper or a thesis for its subsequent defense in a startup format
  • Networking
    Opportunity to find a mentor and specialists for the implementation of project idea
  • Market knowledge
    Understanding key market trends and promising technological areas thanks to expertise from representatives of the Skolkovo Foundation
  • Evaluation of ideas
    Feedback and recommendations for finalizing your idea from expert practitioners
As a result of completing the program,
participants receive a certificate from the Skolkovo Foundation
As a result of completing the program,
participants receive a certificate from the Skolkovo Foundation
Program features
  • The program is aimed at the rapid launch of technology startups, including student ones.
  • The program is carried out in partnership with regional operators and regional representatives of the Skolkovo Foundation, universities and research centers.
  • Participants are accompanied by experienced moderators are graduates of the Academy of Mentors and residents of regional technoparks.
  • Participants get access to exclusive interviews with experts - key employees of the Skolkovo Foundation.
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